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U.S. Navy Enlisted Ranks


How to Tie the Navy Nackerchief


U.S. Navy Officer Ranks


Warrant Officer and Junior Officer Ranks


Proper placement of NSCC/NLCC Patches on Uniforms


11 General Orders - You must commit all 11 general orders to memory and be able to recite them (out of order). You will have to know them before you go to recruit training.


Cadet Writing - this demonstrates how a cadet will print. Neatness and clarity is important.


Phonetic Alphabet - Memorize


Military Time - Commit to memory and use when giving time during all drills and training


Sailor's Creed - Commit to memory


Where to Purchase Uniform Equipment:

This document contains information you need to know in order to purchase your name tag for dress uniforms and name tapes for the NWU and BDU uniforms.