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The Theodore Roosevelt Division is a 501(c)(3) organization. Contributions are tax deductible.


Interested in Joining?

The Theodore Roosevelt Division has openings available for young people who want to learn about our military and are ambitious, self-disciplined, physically motivated, and have strong academic performance.  If this sounds like you, then keep reading.  Cadets must meet all eligibility requirements including application, parent/cadet interview, medical screening, and payment of required fees. 

The following outline procedures for enrollment in our unit. Our program is designed as a progressive one that requires structure that does not permit us to conduct on-going monthly enrollments. The enrollment in our unit is a five-step process. We conduct a formal recruiting orientation two times a year - see below.

Submit a request to receive a recruiting orientation
You must submit a request by clicking on the “I want to join” link on the left side of this page. The form you submit will be received by our National Headquarters, which will forward to the respective region, the director or which will dispatch to the unit you wish to hear from. A representative of our unit will contact you and provide information about the next orientation, which are normally held about three times a year. Recruiting orientations are (generally) held during the months of January, May, and October. Due to the limited orientations we hold each year, it is to your benefit to not pass up on the next orientation to which you are invited as our program is 'time-sensative' to the degree that once you graduate from high school, you also graduate from the NSCC. This contact will normally be by e-mail.

Attend Recruiting Orientation.
Attend the orientation during which, you will be provided detailed information about enrollment, membership requirements and associated costs. The orientation must be attended by the prospective cadet and at least one parent or guardian and is usually conducted on a Saturday. A unit representative will discuss the following subjects as well as other subjects that might be appropriate:

  • The objectives and purposes of the NSCC/NLCC program and the benefits available to cadets through participation.

  • The relationship of the NSCC/NLCC to the Navy, other military services and the Navy League or other sponsoring organizations with a short discussion of support provided.

  • You will be made aware of the costs involved to include annual enrollment fees, cost of meals during training, billeting, transportation to and from training, uniform costs, and any other related expenses that may be applicable to the program or unit.

  • Drill attendance requirements, personal appearance (particularly haircuts/hair styling) and the need for parental support in these matters.

  • The NSCC accident insurance program.

  • The need for parental/guardian support of unit activities to include unit social functions, ceremonial occasion, etc.

  • The possibility of the parents/guardians affiliating with the unit as officers or instructors.

  • Also, the role of the sponsoring Navy League Council or the role of the supporting organization, in support of the unit.

Attend a one-day drill evolution
The one-day “try-out” experience is the opportunity for prospective cadets to see what we do during a normal drill day and an opportunity to talk with currently enrolled cadets. This is intended to allow one to make a decision to join or not to join before submitting paperwork and money. The try-out day is usually conducted on Sunday the day following the orientation.

Interview conducted by the unit's Commanding Officer
The Commanding Officer or his designated representative will interview the prospective cadet and parent to ensure that both the parent and their child are motivated and prepared to devote the time necessary for membership. Membership may be denied based on a number of factors, including indications that the youth is being pushed into membership by his or her parent for disciplinary purposes, apparent lack of interest or commitment on the part of the youth and/or parents. The standard release part of the Cadet Application (NSCADM 001) and its purpose will be reviewed in detail. ***If the parents/guardians will not sign the form, the applicant may not enroll.

Submit application package and enrollment fees
At least one parent must accompany the perspective cadet to submit enrollment paperwork and fees.

Begin attending drills
After enrollment fees are sent to national headquarters, the prospective cadet will be issued an identification card and will be permitted to begin drilling

During the waiting period before attending the orientation, prospective cadets or parents may ask any questions or request additional information at any time.

Those interested in filling out an application package for either cadets or adults, follow the link below.

All applicants must complete and complete and return the following original documents. Go to the Sea Cadet Forms page at http://homeport.seacadets.org/display/Forms/Administrative+Forms and click on the download link for the first item: NSCADM 001 CADET APPLICATION AND AGREEMENT (Rev 08/14). If you are an adult who wishes to enroll, you should use the same link (above) and download the NSCADM 002 ADULT LEADER (OFF/INST/MIDN) APPLICATIONĀ (Rev 08/14) directly below the cadet app. You can download these forms in either MS Word document or PDF formats. Generally, the Word version is best for saving the completed forms. The application package will contain the following forms:

  1. CADET APPLICATION AND AGREEMENT NSCADM 001 (Rev 09/13). If the parent/guardian will not sign the form, the applicant cannot enroll.



  4. REPORT OF MEDICAL EXAMINATION FORM The medical examination must be completed by you family doctor.

  5. REQUEST FOR ACCOMODATION This form is used by prospective cadets with disabilities to apply for accommodation under the Americans with Disabilities Act. If you are NOT applying for ADA accommodations, this form is not required.

Each of the forms must be filled in completely; incomplete forms will result in delays in processing your application.

If you do not have access to a computer and a printer, you will need to let your unit representative aware at the orientation so that you can be provided with required documents that you can fill-in by hand.

TRD Application Process