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The U.S. Naval Sea Cadet Corps of East Moriches Welcomes You!

The U. S. Naval Sea Cadet Corps offers young Americans ages 10-17 a wealth of opportunities. Cadets learn leadership, management, organization and discipline while developing the Navy values of honor, courage, and commitment. The U.S. Naval Sea Cadet Corps helps fulfill that goal by providing critical mentoring, training, and leadership opportunities to young people enabling them to reach their fullest potential. But if you were to ask our cadets why they joined they would simply tell you that it's fun! We are now accepting applications for positions as Navy League Cadets (ages 11 thru 13) Naval Sea Cadets (ages 13 thru 17) and adult leaders to fill various positions (no military background required). To be placed on the waiting list for an upcoming recruiting orientation, click on the 'I want to join' link to the left and enter your zip code to locate the unit nearest to you

Due to a change in the VFW schedule we have been forced to change our meeting location. We will hold the recruiting orientation at the US Coast Guard Station 100 Moriches Island Rd East Moriches, NY ‎ 11940 about a mile from the VFW.

RECRUITING ORIENTATION: We hold periodic orientations for perspective new cadets and their parents. We do not accept enrollments in-the-door but rather require a series of opportunities for you and your child to evaluate our program before you enroll.

Phase I: All potential cadets, accompanied by a parent or guardian attend an orientation designed to provide program information and address any questions you or your child may have including fanatical issues that might prevent your enrollment. The orientation takes approximately one hour and requires at least one parent or guardian to be present. Following the orientation, you will receive a link to download the application package and some additional forms. But don’t send anything in yet…

Phase II: We invite your child to spend a day with our unit during a normal drill weekend to observe and have the opportunity to speak with and ask questions of our cadets. He or she must bring a sack lunch, no facilities are available to purchase food (refrigerator and microwave are available).

Phase III: Armed with the information, observations and your collective decision, you can either decline to enroll OR, you can complete the enrollment package provided and come to sit down with our admin officer to process your enrollment.

OUR NEXT ORIENTATION: We will be hosting an orientation on Sunday, July 28, 2019 at 11:00 am at the Moriches VFW at 437 Montauk Hwy, Center Moriches, NY 11934. Please arrive early to avoid missing important information. If you are interested in attending our upcoming recruiting orientation please follow the link below and submit your RSVP HERE.

Pay Your Annual Enrollment Online

You may now pay your annual enrollment using a credit card or Pay Pal through the TRD ship's store. A $5.00 processing fee applies. If you wish to use this new feature, use the button below. You may still pay by check at the unit or through the mail. If you pay by check it is preferable to give us a Money Order. Please make sure you add the name of the cadet being enrolled to ensure enrollment is applied to the proper account. Please keep in mind that the TRD is a 501c3 non-profit organization, you should check with your tax preparer to see if you can claim your enrollment as DUES (or a donation) to a non-profit

NOTE: Headquarters has increased the cost of enrollment for the second time in two years, this time they also increased the cost of enrollment for adults. When the last increase was imposed, this unit did not address the increase with raising our enrollment fees. This time however, we are unable to ignore the increases. We are forced to make an increase of cadets to 200.00. Due to the increase in adult enrollment fees we are also forced to require adults to pay their own enrollments as well. In the past we have paid the adult fees; however, due to the NHQ-increases, to continue to do so will require more than $500.00. While I highly disagree with making our volunteers pay their own fees, our volunteer staff took a vote and it was decided that this is money that can be better spent elsewhere and we will pay our own fees going forward. We have fought fees increases but the substantial increases from headquarters have made this increase necessary. Very sorry for the inconvenience. Additionally, to help offset the increased cost of annual enrollment we are setting the annual enrollment fees for a second and each subsequent cadet to $100.00. The prices below include a $5.00 processing fee imposed by PayPal.
Annual Fees
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Note, staff volunteers are needed to help support our unit. “Many hands make light work.” If you are able, we need assistance in the following areas: assistant supply, training/academics, female escort, and carpooling. To let us know you want to help click on the blue button at the top of this page that says "I want to help".

2015 Parent's Handbook is now available. See Parent's Page