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TRD Supply Department

The Naval Sea Cadet Corps is authorized by the Secretary of the Navy to wear the Navy uniforms with distinctive NSCC markings.

Supply Department Responsabilities

The Supply Department is responsible to the executive officer for all material, which is the property of the unit, or which is on loan from the supporting naval or USCG activity. The Supply Officer is responsible for in and out processing of all cadets and adult staff personnel. To facilitate that process, the Supply Officer is required to maintain administrative files that accurately accounts for property that is on-hand and issued out. The Supply Officer prepares inventories and procurement requisitions.

The Supply Officer is authorized limited access to personnel files as required to accomplish this command directed mission.

Uniform ownership and deposits

Recent changes in Navy policy have severely affected our ability to acquire replacement uniforms for our cadets.

It is paramount that each cadet and his or her parents understand that all uniforms and equipment issued to a cadet is on a “loan” basis and must be returned to the issuing unit. All uniforms remain the property of the US Naval Sea Cadet Corps.

To facilitate the return of uniforms and equipment at the end of one’s enrollment, each cadet is required to make a one-time [refundable] deposit of $200.00.

The unit will maintain a record reflecting each item issued to each cadet. It is the responsibility of the unit and the cadet to ensure that the individual supply record is accurate as the cadet will be held accountable for return of all issued items shown on the individual supply record.

Upon disenrollment from the Naval Sea Cadet Corps, the former cadet must return all issued equipment to the unit supply in clean and serviceable condition.

What to expect: The supply officer will conduct an inventory with the cadet or parent and provide a copy of the turn-in inventory as a receipt. The supply officer will compare the turn-in inventory against the individual’s supply record. The supply officer will forward the turn in inventory to the Commanding Officer who will authorized a refund, which will be made with a unit check.

Missing or damaged/unserviceable equipment will be assessed against the deposit at the appropriate replacement cost. Dirty uniforms that require laundering will be laundered and the cost of laundering will be assessed against the uniform deposit. The supply officer will process the notice of refund to the Commanding Officer along with receipts and the amount of money to be refunded (minus maintenance cleaning or replacement costs).

Below are documents that will assist cadets and their parents in ordering uniforms from unit supply (determining sizes) marking and maintenance of equipment.

Uniform Measurements instructions and sizing form - use the form at the bottom of this page to submit to the supply department, make sure your measurements are correct. Cadets should submit a new sizing form annually or on the occation that you have outgrown your issued uniforms. The optimal time to submit a request for uniform replacement is about two months BEFORE the seasonal uniform change (Oct & March). Instructions and size comparrison and conversion charts are also included below.

Measuring Instructions

Sizing Charts 1

Sizing Charts 2

Sizing Charts 3

Proper Folding of Jumpers

How to Mark Clothing & Equipment

Proper Folding of Bellbottom Trousers

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