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The Theodore Roosevelt Division is a 501(c)(3) organization. Contributions are tax deductible.


The Sea Cadets are NOT a para military organization. The United States Naval Sea Cadet Corps (USNSCC or NSCC) is a congressionally chartered, U.S. Navy-based organization that serves to teach individuals 13 to 18 years old about the sea-going military services, U.S. Naval operations and training, community service, citizenship, and an understanding of discipline and teamwork. Another version of the NSCC, the Navy League Cadet Corps (NLCC), exists for youth between the ages of 10 and 13

Our Unit

Theodore Roosevelt Division - USNSCC, is a unit of the United States Naval Sea Cadet Corps that is sponsored by the Long Island Council of the Navy League of the United States.  All adult officers and instructors are unpaid adult volunteers who donate their time.  Our unit integrates support for both USNSCC cadet programs - the Navy League Cadet Corps (NLCC) for youth ages 10 through 13, and the Naval Sea Cadet Corps (NSCC) for youth ages 13 through 18.  

Our Mission Statement

Theodore Roosevelt Division, established in 2013, is a unit of the Naval Sea Cadet Corp. (NSCC).  Established by the Navy League of the United States in 1958 at the request of the U. S. Navy, the NSCC was chartered to instill in every Cadet, a sense of patriotism, courage, self-reliance, confidence, leadership, and the qualities, which mold good character and citizenship while providing instruction and practical experience.  Whether the cadet goes on with a military career or not, the lessons learned from being part of the Sea Cadet Program will prove useful in all walks of life.

Our Goals

Develop an appreciation for Naval History, traditions and customs and their role in national defense. Develop a sense of pride in our nation, positive qualities of patriotism, courage and self-reliance, confidence and strong moral character and good citizenship traits. Develop an interest and skill in seamanship and seagoing and aviation subjects. Increase the advancement potential of cadets who may later elect to serve in the Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard or Merchant Marines.

Command Philosophy

Our Commanding Officer has developed a philosophy that provides guidance for our conduct of training and adhearance to policy. You can read the command's philosophy by clicking HERE
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