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Welcome to the Training Department


Unit personnel must attend a minimum of 75 percent of all scheduled drills to maintain “satisfactory attendance”. Members who fail to maintain satisfactory attendance, and who do not respond to counseling and other measures to improve attendance may be dropped from the program at the discretion of the unit commanding officer. For reasons beyond their control – illness, family plans, etc. – members will miss drills. Absence for valid reasons, as determined by the unit commanding officer, are excused drill, and will not be counted as missed drills in determining satisfactory attendance. Unit commanding officers will establish procedures for reporting, recording and making up of excused/missed drills at the unit level. However, when submitting the Monthly Activity Report (NSC-8) to NHQ, excused drills are counted as absences.

034TED - Drill Absence Request Form

If you are unable to attend a scheduled drill date, you MUST submit an Excused Absence Form. Link is above.

NSCC/NLCC Drills. Drills are periods that require full unit participation, which meet specific NSCC/NLCC training objectives. Field trips, parades, other civic/military events, regional training evolutions/competitions (Flag Ships), constitute a drill period and do not count as advanced training. Activities that do not involve the entire unit, such as color guard performances, are not counted as drills.

Many parents have asked for a means of communicating with other parents to consider making arrangements for training this summer. Many have asked for a means of asking for input about different training sites - so we have put together a FORUM on which you can communicate, ask questions and give answers. Click on the "View the summer training message forum below and start communicating. Don't forget to check the dBase of cadet evaluations of past trainings posted on the Parents Support page of the Region website!

Answer Sheet

Click here to open the automated correspondence course answer sheet. Make sure you have all of your answers ready for the entire assignment because you cannot save the answer sheet half way through and return to continue later.

INDOC Training Handouts (General)

This folder will contain handout materials that cadets who are in the INDOC training will find useful.

Training/Reference Materials